Escape To The Ballarat Winter Festival For Some Spectacular Fun

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Escape To The Ballarat Winter Festival For Some Spectacular Fun

Looking for a winter getaway?

If you’re looking to get out of Melbourne and get into some festive winter spirit, you’re in luck! The Ballarat Winter Festival is going full-steam ahead, and there’s a myriad of experiences and activities for you to try. Pop some petrol in your car, rug up and get ready to have fun in this winter playground. The Ballarat Winter Festival starts on Saturday June 26 and ends on Sunday July 18. So, what can you do?

Glide across the ice at the Ballarat Winter Festival Ice-Rink

Head to the heart of the city to go on the ice-rink. Skate across the ice with your friends and family, while listening to great tunes and partying under disco lights. The ice-rink will be under a marquee, so it’s the perfect event to try no matter what the weather is like. On top of the disco sessions, there are also child-friendly sessions for those under the age of 12, and sensory sessions with no music or flashing lights. Penguins are available to help the littlest skaters travel smoothly.

Bookings are required. Click here for more info on session times and bookings.

Gaze in wonder at the Winter Wonderlights

When the sun sets, go to Sovereign Hill for a spectacular evening filled with dazzling lights and decorations. The whole of Main Street is transformed into a streetscape of vibrant projections, coupled with a musical score that’ll lift your spirits. As the snow falls, eat a Christmas feast, watch a theatre show or try out some activities.

Click here to see the full program.


Learn the story of the Knights of Fire & Snow Queen Neva

Be transported to another world at Kryal Castle. Watch a thrilling joust every day at 2pm to see the Evil Black Knight challenge the Champion of Kryal in The Joust of the Flame. Will the Champion prevail against the Knight, and break the curse that has trapped Kryal and the Queen in an eternal winter?

Go near the Torture Dungeons to see a fire artist perform. Watch them skilfully twirl their fire staff and stay warm in its glow. Or, grab a hot chocolate and watch a shadow puppet performance. Learn how the Queen was captured by the curse of the Black Knight.

This event at Kryal Castle is perfect for families. During the school holidays from June 26 to July 11, it will be open every day from 10am to 4pm. After that, it will be open at the end of the winter festival on July 17 and 18.

Discover more fun winter activities

There’s heaps to do in Ballarat during the winter festival. Go to the observatory to look at the night sky and learn about astronomy, go truffle hunting, try ten different flavours of hot chocolate and more!

The full list of events, participating businesses and things to do is available on the Ballarat Winter Festival website.

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