Strap Yourselves In For A Week Of Fun With ACMI’s Big Games Night In

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Strap Yourselves In For A Week Of Fun With ACMI’s Big Games Night In

Play a selection of Australian-made games for free.

It’s Melbourne International Games Week this week, otherwise known as the largest digital games celebration in the Asia Pacific region. Every year, gaming enthusiasts come together for conferences, events and activities. The absolute highlight this year is Big Games Night In. Curated by ACMI, this is a selection of free games that showcase the uniqueness and diversity of Australia’s games industry. Play them at home from October 2 to October 10.

Big Games Night In

The Victorian games industry has thrived during the pandemic, with many studios growing in size and popularity. There’s also been recent success internationally, with popular games like Untitled Goose Game, Moving Out and Necrobarista.

What better way to celebrate the success of the past year than with Big Games Night In? Connect and play with ACMI’s fantastic selection of games with your friends and family at home.┬áSome of these games are meditative and thought-provoking, while others are just downright fun. These games are free to play until October 10.

ACMI’s Big Games Night In features plenty of talent, and numerous finalists for the Australian Game Developer Awards.


Play familiar games like Eastern Market Murder and Video World, have a laugh with Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky and be moved by A Long Goodbye.

When you’ve finished playing, hop onto the Big Games Night In Discord server and have a chat with some of the creators of this year’s games.

After that, explore the world of gaming even further by browsing through some articles and interviews by ACMI. Or, virtually attend Fashion’s New Reality on Friday October 8, and learn about the intersection between fashion, gaming and technology.

Click here to browse the available games and start your adventure!

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