Ride For Your Laughs At This Stand-Up Comedy Gig In A Spin Class By Bits & Pieces Comedy

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Ride For Your Laughs At This Stand-Up Comedy Gig In A Spin Class By Bits & Pieces Comedy

Side-splitting laughs and stitches.

Bits and Pieces Comedy, the online comedy platform that’s been giving women and underrepresented comedians a platform to perform throughout the pandemic, is moving out of the virtual world and into a Richmond spin cycle studio for their Melbourne International Comedy Festival event Open Bike(Featured image: supplied)


Yes, a comedy gig in a spin studio. A gym studio. The place you go to get that peach in shape. That has stationary bikes lined-up in formation and an instructor out front yelling over the top of questionable dance music that you can push harder, pump harder and KEEP SPINNING is going to be the site of a stand-up, open mic comedy show.

Just thinking about a comedy gig in a spin class has us laughing because, what the hell? This just might be the first spin class we willingly sign ourselves up for because if we’re not laughing at the jokes, we can certainly laugh at ourselves trying to breathe.


Thankfully this spin class is not hosted by a certified spin instructor—


Actually, on closer inspection, this spin class is hosted by a qualified spin instructor, Maryellen Rose George, who just so happens to also be a comedian and writer. In other words, if you’re not producing endorphins from laughing your arse off, you’ll be producing them spinning.

Nonetheless, Bits and Pieces is making it quite clear that fitness levels are not required for this spin class because Open Bike is all about taking comedy out of context and putting it into new spaces, not making you suffer for your laughs. So, all you need to do is come as you are and laugh if you think the jokes are funny.

Open Bike will be an open mic show, so knowing who’s going to be performing is a bit of a mystery. However, past comedians on the Bits & Pieces roster have included Will Sutherland, Olga, Amma Bee, Sam Serna, and the very funny Aurelia St Clair.

Open Bike takes place at United Ride on Swan Street, Richmond. With five dates (including three Saturday morning spin sessions to begin your weekend on a high), there’s plenty of opportunity to get the endorphins racing at Open Bike. 

For more info and to get your tickets, see here.

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