The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Is On And It Just Might Be Our Fav Time Of Year

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The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Is On And It Just Might Be Our Fav Time Of Year

MICF will be both in-person and online.

Last year, just as Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival was raring to go, a not-so-funny virus came knocking. (Featured image: Harlemdartagnan)

But in the best of news, the MICF is back in 2021 and to make up for a year where we didn’t laugh as much or as loud, they’re bringing the goods.

Running from 24 March to 18 April, all the beloved annual events will be back: The Gala proudly supporting Oxfam, Opening Night Comedy Allstars SupershowThe Great DebateUpfrontThe (Very) Big Laugh Out and Comedy Club for Kids. 

However, Festival director Susan Provan says, ”things will be a little different in 2021.” One of those differences is that the world’s third biggest comedy event will this year be curating ”an exciting digital program (that) will accompany the live ‘in person’ events with content available each day of the Festival.” Laugh at the show or laugh from the comfort of your own home. What’s not to laugh about that?


Also, and not to be outdone by some pesky virus, the MICF will be spreading the laughs far and wide with a series of festival-to-the-‘burbs which will be taking the stars of the Festival to towns across metropolitan Melbourne.

The MICF normally puts on over 400 shows hosted at some of Melbourne’s grandest theatres through to the smallest of bars and everywhere in-between. Choosing what show to go watch can seem daunting, but as usual Festival staff will be on hand to help you decide. Otherwise, you could always take a punt and choose a show at random. Also, don’t be afraid to show up-and-comers some belly laughs.

Shows are now on sale via the website with more shows. If you can’t make it to a show, jump across to the Festival website and watch some shows from previous years. 

Shows now on sale.

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