Hype Yourself Up For A Movie Sesh Because Cinemas Around Melbourne Are Reopening Soon

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Hype Yourself Up For A Movie Sesh Because Cinemas Around Melbourne Are Reopening Soon

The movies are coming back!

Is that… hope? Grab yourself a choc top and load up the popcorn machine because cinemas around Melbourne are planning to reopen soon. As long as we hit our vaccination targets, you’ll be able to watch the movies outdoors from October 22, and movies indoors from November 5. One by one, cinemas around Melbourne are unveiling their reopening plans. Whether you’re into blockbuster films or arthouse cinema, there should be something here that will make your cinematic dreams come true.

1. Astor Theatre

The Astor is preparing to return with a screening of Last Night in Soho for one night only. This film, set in 60s London, is a part of the British Film Festival. Tickets are on sale now. This film will play on the Astor SuperScreen on November 6.

2. Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova is ready to launch with a wide selection of upscale productions and arthouse darlings. Think of long-awaited titles like Dune, The French Dispatch, Zola and more. They’re ready to play these films the moment restrictions ease from November 5 onwards.

3. Lido on the Roof

Lido initially planned on returning to the rooftop on October 26. However, with restrictions easing sooner than anticipated, they have now opened more sessions from Friday October 22 onwards. Expect blockbusters, arthouse pictures and family favourites, starting with Zola. Click here to learn more.

4. Cameo Outdoor

Cameo Cinemas is also returning on October 22. Enjoy the movies outdoors and bring your pets to keep you company! The season will begin with Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Learn more here.

5. Classic Cinemas

The Classic Rooftop Bar is reopening from October 22, and the Rooftop Cinema will open for a screening of No Time To Die on November 11 at 12:07am, or 00:07. At this special event, you’ll have to dress to impress. Explore their website for more information.

6. The Kino

The Kino is currently planning to return on November 5. They’ll start off with films from the British Film Festival, such as The Duke and Mothering Sunday. Respect, a film about Aretha Franklin, will also play on November 5.


7. Cinema Como

Cinema Como will also return on November 5 with a line-up of films from the British Film Festival. Tickets are on sale now. Click here for more information.

8. Coburg Drive-In

Drive-ins have always been a cool way to see the movies, but in a pandemic, they’ve become particularly essential. Coburg Drive-In is reopening on Friday October 22, with screenings of Candyman, Shang Chi, Malignant and more. Grab a snack from their retro American diner for some quality movie munching. Click here for more info.

9. Lunar Drive-In

Head to Dandenong to experience the largest drive-in in Australia. With four massive screens available, you’ll be sure to find your favourite film playing on any given night. Like Coburg Drive-In, the Lunar Drive-In will return on Friday October 22 with the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

10. Sun Theatre

At the moment, the Sun Theatre in Melbourne’s west are keeping their cards close to their chest. They’ve only hinted that they’re “starting to think about” returning soon. However, when they do, you can expect films such as Nitram, Palazzo Di Cozzo and Eiffel.

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