America’s Favourite Cinnamon Scrolls, Cinnabon, Has Opened A Store In Melbourne

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America’s Favourite Cinnamon Scrolls, Cinnabon, Has Opened A Store In Melbourne

Sticky and sweet cinnamon scrolls from US bakery chain Cinnabon are coming!

After news that Queensland was going to be not only the first but also the second and third home of US bakery chain Cinnabon here in Australia, we began to wonder if they would ever make their way south. (Featured image: cinnabonau)

Then, late last year, Cinnabon Australia (owned by family-run Queensland company Bansal Foods) announced that the almost-impossible to replicate cinnamon scrolls would be available for delivery across NSW. In other words, we missed out again.

But now, these mouthwatering creations will be available at Westfield Southland from March 3. Watch how they’re made below and tell us your mouth isn’t watering.

To save you from waiting in line on the day of their opening, Cinnabon Australia is allowing pre-orders via their website where you can sign yourself up to a 4-pack of cinnabons in either classic, caramel PecanBon, or the Choccobon flavours. Unsure of which one you’d like most, grab the mix pack and try them all (Prices vary from $21-23).


If you’re already a known sweet tooth, go ahead and grab the nine-pack, either all classics or the mixed bag ($27-28). And since the frosting is the best part, you can buy these as extras. There will be more cinnamon scroll varieties in store but there is no guarantee there will be any left by the time you arrive.

Cinnabon’s first Melbourne store will open near Coles at Westfield Southland on the Nepean Highway, Cheltenham on 3 March.

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