Don’t Forget — Daylight Savings Time Starts This Weekend

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Don’t Forget — Daylight Savings Time Starts This Weekend

Time to spring forward.

2021 has definitely felt weirdly fast and achingly slow at the exact same time. And while the days may be an endless blur of working from home and going on daily walks, that doesn’t mean that Father Time is off the clock. On Sunday October 3, Victoria will enter Daylight Savings Time, which means the clocks have to move forward one hour.

What is Daylight Savings Time?

Even if you tell time with your phone or smartwatch, it’s still important to know when we enter Daylight Savings Time. While digital clocks will automatically change the time for you, you might wake up the next day and wonder why the sun has drastically changed its position in the sky.

Daylight Savings Time is a way for us to make better use of our summer months. Instead of sleeping through bright mornings, the clocks move forward one hour, so that we have longer, sunnier evenings instead.

It was first introduced across Australia in 1917 during World War One, but was later abandoned that same year. After that, it was adopted by Victoria in 1971. We’ve used it every year since then.


In Melbourne, our clocks will need to move one hour forward, from 2am to 3am, on Sunday October 3.

Before you go to sleep that night, remember to change the time on personal items like watches, or utilities like microwaves and car clocks.

Then, enjoy your extra hour of sunshine the next day by going on a picnic, visiting your favourite dog beach, bird-watching and more. At the moment, Melburnians can exercise within a 15km radius of their house, so use the extra sunlight and kilometres to discover gems in your area.

Daylights Savings Time will end in April 2022.

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