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15 Gift Ideas From Around Melbourne To Help You Out This Father’s Day

Nicole de Souza Nicole de Souza - Staff Writer

15 Gift Ideas From Around Melbourne To Help You Out This Father’s Day

Here is a list to get you started.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. If your old man is a bit tricky to buy for, and you’re struggling for ideas, why don’t you use our Father’s Day gift guide for some ideas? You’ll find whisky, music, food and more, so hopefully, you’ll find something that will make your Dad feel happy and loved.

1. Coffee Lover’s Indoor Plant Gift Pack from The Indoor Plant Co

Source: The Indoor Plant Co

Has your dad developed a green thumb during lockdown? Why don’t you encourage his new hobby by getting him an indoor plant gift pack? The Indoor Plant Co has a few varieties available, but the coffee lover’s indoor plant gift pack will keep your dad alert. Not only will he receive a lovely plant, he’ll also get trade blend coffee from the Sustainable Coffee Co, coffee beans coated in dark chocolate, a ceramic pot for the plant and more!

This pack costs $117. Find it here.

2. Time Engine Calendar Kit from Jaycar

Source: Jaycar

Does your dad like to tinker around? Keep him occupied with the time engine calendar kit. There are 250 laser cut wooden pieces for him to assemble, similar to a wooden jigsaw puzzle. In the centre are two date dials for him to manually set the date, and a turntable to set the day of the week and the month. When he’s done, he’ll have something cool to keep on his desk.

The Time Engine Calendar Kit can be found at Jaycar for $59.95. Grab it here.

3. Ridiculous Inflatable Swan Thing x David Shrigley from Third Drawer Down

Source: Third Drawer Down

Get your dad summer ready with a Ridiculous Inflatable Swan Thing. Picture the surprise and glee on his face when he unwraps this odd present. Imagine him clinging to the swan’s neck for dear life in the swimming pool or at the beach. For the dads that don’t take themselves too seriously, this is perfect.

Find it for $55 at Third Drawer Down in Fitzroy.

4. Camping Cutlery Tool Set from The SuperCool

Source: The SuperCool

Has your dad taken up camping for a hobby? Ensure he eats in a tidy manner with this Camping Cutlery Tool Set from The SuperCool. This gadget includes a knife, fork, spoon, cork screw, bottle opener and a foil cutter.

This tool set will set you back $31. There are heaps of other tool sets available on The SuperCool’s website for you to explore. Get it delivered or find them in South Melbourne Market.

5. Great Northern Tinnie and Tackle Cooler Bag from BCF

Source: BCF

The Great Northern Tackle Bag Cooler doubles as both a cooler and a tackle bag, perfect for outdoorsy dads that like to go fishing. It holds 24 cans or four tackle trays. These trays are included in the bag purchase. It comes with a shoulder strap so your dad can easily walk around, and save his hands for a nice cold tinnie.

Find it at BCF for $49.99.

6. Regional Hamper One from Just Surprise Me

Source: Just Surprise Me

Visit Just Surprise Me and check out their range of hampers. Something your Dad might enjoy is Regional Hamper One, which supports businesses affected by the bushfires last year. In this hamper, you’ll find Prosecco from King Valley, honey from Gippsland and nougat from Melbourne. But, if this one doesn’t suit your fancy, there’s lots of other hampers for you to discover. Regional Hamper One is $85.

7. Anything from Mind Games, Melbourne’s oldest games store

Grab your dad a board game, puzzle, card game, RPG or any other hobby item from Mind Games. They’re available for click and collect, or you can order online and get something delivered.

8. Golf Lovers Gift Pack from Spoilt

Source: Spoilt

Tee up the perfect gift from Spoilt this Father’s Day. Inside, you’ll find a golf stress ball, cute socks, ice cubes and more! The Golf Lovers Gift Pack costs $72.95.


Of course, Spoilt has a range of other gift sets and ideas, such as a gift pack for gin drinkers or bike riders. Choose a gift for click and collect at the Port Melbourne store or order online.

9. Music from The Basement Discs

Source: The Basement Discs

Does your Dad love music? Then you’ll be sure to find something that fits his tastes from The Basement Discs in Melbourne’s CBD. Discover a wide range of CDs and vinyl from this music store. They’re open every day except Tuesday.

10. Books from The Paperback Bookshop

Head to Bourke Street if it’s within your 5km and grab a book from this independent bookstore. They’re open for click and collect and happy to provide recommendations over the phone. Otherwise, explore the Paperback Bookshop’s website and get something delivered.

11. Father’s Day Collection from The Everleigh Bottling Co.

Source: Everleigh Bottling Co

Your dad will love this collection from The Everleigh Bottling Co. Inside the Father’s Day Collection, you’ll find four whiskey cocktails. This set costs $85.

12. A Father’s Day feast from restaurants around Melbourne

Would your dad prefer a nice hot meal over a physical gift this Father’s Day? Plenty of restaurants around Melbourne are serving up Father’s Day dinner menus that can be delivered right to your door. Fill your tummies with a yum cha feast, an Italian banquet, hearty barbecue and more! Browse through Providoor for some Father’s Day feasts, or check out your Dad’s favourite restaurant to see if they have any specials.

13. High tea at home from 7 eateries around Melbourne

Treat your dad to some fancy teas and desserts in the comfort of his home. Click here to see where you can get high tea delivered.

14. The Double Trouble Fat Cookie from Ox Rabbit

For dessert that’s a bit lighter than high tea, get this delicious cookie-brownie hybrid delivered to your Dad’s door. Click here to find out more.

15. Flowers from 10 excellent florists around Melbourne

Has your Dad ever had flowers before? Brighten up his house by sending him some gorgeous flowers and let him know that you’re thinking about him. Click here to read more.

And an honourable mention to Dan AnBrews from Public Brewing Co.

Does your Dad like to get on the beers? Public Brewing Co. has created this delightful homage to Dan Andrews. The Dan AnBrews beer was so popular that Public Brewing Co. are currently taking backorders for it, which means you won’t get this gift in time for Father’s Day. But, place an order, and by the time you get it, you may actually be able to see your Dad in person and share a bevie or two.

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