Melbourne Is Considering A Health Pass System To Reopen The City

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Melbourne Is Considering A Health Pass System To Reopen The City

The health pass system would allow vaccinated Melburnians to enter venues faster.

70 per cent of Victorians have now had a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. And now, the City of Melbourne is considering a health pass system for vaccinated Melburnians, so that hospitality, arts and entertainment venues can open sooner. Next week, councillors will vote on advocating to the Victorian Government to become one of the first municipalities to pilot test this system.

Health pass system

“The City of Melbourne has been doing everything it can to get more Victorians vaccinated because it’s the path to reopening our city,” said Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

“The introduction of the proposed health pass would allow vaccinated and exempt Melburnians to enter participating restaurants, pubs, clubs and other venues. All staff at participating businesses will need be vaccinated to be part of the scheme.”

If implemented, the pilot program in Melbourne would provide an opportunity to test and refine the system for the whole of Victoria. This would also provide an extra incentive for eligible Victorians to get the jab.

The health pass system would be a temporary measure. It would only operate until health restrictions are lifted as a result of sufficient vaccination rates around the state.

The Night Time Economy Advisory Committee (NTEAC) is made up of leaders from the sector. These leaders are fully in support of the health pass system, as it would allow them to reopen sooner.


“First and foremost, we want staff in our venues to be safe. We want patrons to be safe. We don’t want anything to jeopardise that safety,” said James Young, NTEAC Chair.

“An opt-in trial in the City of Melbourne is the perfect opportunity to identify and resolve issues in partnership with industry and Government. It would require streamlined technology and processes to minimise the compliance burden on businesses and venues of all sizes, and to ensure the system is rolled out quickly and effectively.”

Melbourne councillors will vote on advocating for the health pass system next week, on Tuesday September 21.

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