6 Tranquil Hidden Green Spaces To Find In Melbourne

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6 Tranquil Hidden Green Spaces To Find In Melbourne

When you need to take a breather, step into one of these hidden green spaces.

Life in the office can be overwhelming. As the city gets busier and the world gets louder, you might want to take a moment alone to catch your breath. Why not do it in a hidden green space? There are plenty of green havens around Melbourne for you to find some quiet, from green parks above the concrete jungle to small nooks and crannies inside larger gardens. Here is our list of hidden green spaces for you to press pause on life.

1. Sky Park at Melbourne Quarter

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Suspended above Collins Street, directly opposite Southern Cross Station, is Melbourne’s first elevated green park. Sky Park features lush green landscaping, breathing life into the urban parts of the CBD. Step out of your office and access it by climbing a dramatic, winding staircase. Be rewarded for your efforts with breath-taking views. There’s plenty of seating available for you to rest and relax, with public Wi-Fi, power outlets and USB charging ports.

2. TiTree Park at Melbourne Quarter

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Near Sky Park, off Flinders Street, you’ll find TiTree Park. On top of the city skyline views, you’ll find a generous lawn for you to stretch out on and soak in some sunlight. There’s Wi-Fi and plenty of seating areas. If you’re feeling hungry, this park also has BBQ facilities.

3. Children’s Pond at Queen Victoria Gardens

Ok, Queen Victoria Gardens isn’t exactly hidden. But, it does have plenty of little nooks and crannies for you to discover. Among this garden oasis is the Children’s Pond, where you’ll find a frog sculpture created by John Olsen. Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life and go back to a simpler time, a younger time. See the playful frog leap from the water and feel refreshed. Then, if you’ve got time, move on from this hidden pond and see what other secrets the Gardens are hiding.

4. Bird’s Nest at Royal Botanic Gardens

Like Queen Victoria Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens has plenty of hidden green spaces for you to find inner peace. One such place is the Bird’s Nest, tucked away in Fern Gully. This suspended swing chair is the perfect place for you to meditate and take in the lush greenery around you. Fern Gully has a few other hidden spots as well, like a grotto and a moss garden.


5. Everything at Westgate Park

How many times have you driven over the West Gate Bridge and looked down at the park below? Doesn’t the beautiful pink lake below the bridge seem so inviting? Well, perhaps it’s time to stop looking and time to start going. While the lake typically turns pink during warm weather, there’s plenty of walking trails and native animals for you to keep your eye on.

6. Dights Falls at Yarra Bend Park

Travel up the Yarra, into Yarra Bend Park, and discover Dights Falls. This inner-city Abbotsford waterfall provides a tranquil escape from the noise of the city. Dights Falls was once a natural rock formation that was converted into a weir. When you’re done looking at the Falls, explore Yarra Bend Park by going on one of its walking trails, or relax and have a picnic.

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