Prepare To Launch — iFly Melbourne Is Reopening So Add Indoor Skydiving To Your Bucket List

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Prepare To Launch — iFly Melbourne Is Reopening So Add Indoor Skydiving To Your Bucket List
It’s time to shake things up and fly out of lockdown. After a turbulent 18 months, iFly Melbourne is reopening to the public and ready to help you spread your wings. Whether you’re a first timer or a professional flyer, you’re invited to experience the freedom of flying without the risks of dying. iFly Melbourne will reopen on Saturday October 30.
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Feel unstoppable at iFly Melbourne

After spending months in lockdown, there’s sure to be many things on your bucket list. Flying should be one of them. Escape the confines of your home and defy the laws of gravity by heading to iFly.

At this indoor facility, air is recirculated to create a smooth column of air flow that enables you to fly. This experience mimics the feeling of falling out a plane at 200 km per hour. However, instead of being in any danger, you’re flying gently over a cushion of controlled air. You’ll fly for about one minute, which is longer than a tandem jump.

“After two years of rolling lockdowns, we’re so excited to be opening our doors and turning on the wind tunnel,” said Michael Katz, General Manager at iFly Melbourne. “I’m sure everyone is looking forward to getting their freedoms back, and that’s exactly the sort of feeling we give you at iFly.”

This experience is open to everyone, both young and old, as long as they provide proof of vaccination. Through their All Abilities program, there are also specialised sessions for those who have disabilities or are unable to walk.

“Whether you’re a first-time flyer, beginner flyer, professional flyer, health and fitness advocate, thrill seeker or wheelchair-bound, iFly caters for all abilities – from three to 103 years old,” said Katz. “We will unlock limitations and take you soaring to new heights.”


If you want to take things up a notch, try their virtual reality experience, and feel as though you’re skydiving above the Swiss Alps, Dubai, Hawaii or California.

Bookings are available now. Depending on your experience and the flight package that you choose, the cost ranges from $79 to $365.

Find iFly Melbourne at 2 Burns St, Essendon Fields VIC 3041.

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