This Immersive Play Space For Adults And Children Is A Wonderland Of Light, Colour And Sound

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This Immersive Play Space For Adults And Children Is A Wonderland Of Light, Colour And Sound

What we need is to play!

Melbourne loves a good immersive experience, evident by Fed Square bringing Sky Castle to the city as soon as we could reopen last year. (Featured image: imaginaria_now)

But as part of the Extended Melbourne Music Week program, Melbourne got a second, even bigger immersive experience to enjoy and leave us in awe and wonder. And the best news is that this second immersive experience is staying around for longer than it was supposed to. So, if you missed out, this is your chance to go on an hour-long journey through light, sound, and scent.

Titled Imaginaria, this immersive pop-up play space is the work of Loose Collective, a group of designers, architects, audiovisual artists and electronic producers, who have teamed up with electronic music artist Alex Albrecht to create a wonderland for the senses. And to be honest, we couldn’t be more excited about losing ourselves in what they have created. Over and over again.

The 1000-square-metre venue has five specially designed spaces that are meant to be part game, part gallery, and part journey where visitors not only walk through but also interact with what’s going on inside. Thought of as an audio-visual journey from the future, Imaginaria has a light maze to find your way through, an echo-cave where light and sound slow to a crawl, a secret garden to feed the imagination, an infinity bubble, and a beam traversing a black hole.


There are magic moments behind every corner, just waiting for you to arrive. We’d try to explain the sensations once inside, but that would take away all of the fun.

Open until 16 May at The District, Docklands, Imaginaria is fun for everyone.

For more information and to book in your session, see the website.

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26 Nov - 31 Jan
Adult $30, Jnr/Conc $28
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