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Melbourne Star, Iconic Feature on Melbourne’s Skyline, Is Permanently Closed

Nicole de Souza Nicole de Souza - Staff Writer

Melbourne Star, Iconic Feature on Melbourne’s Skyline, Is Permanently Closed

The closure of the observation wheel is effective immediately.

There’s no denying that the Melbourne Star has had a tumultuous history. A month after opening in 2008, it closed due to structural defects, and did not open to the public again until 2013. And now, this giant observation wheel in Docklands has come to a sudden end. This tourist attraction is now closed permanently, and its operating company, MB Star Properties Pty Ltd, will be placed into liquidation.

The Melbourne Star is now closed

Lockdowns in Melbourne, travel restrictions and the overall effects of the pandemic has led to the permanent closure of the Melbourne Star. During its operating years, it welcomed over 300,000 visitors a year. However, 45 per cent of visitors were interstate or overseas tourists.

“Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions and sustained shutdowns, adding to pre-existing challenges of operating amid increased high-rise development and changes in the Docklands area, has made it impossible to sustain the business,” said MB Star Properties in a statement.


“The directors of the wheel are absolutely committed to doing the right thing by our dedicated team and have made arrangements to ensure all our employees will be paid their full entitlements.”

The pandemic has impacted several iconic Melbourne events. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was cancelled this year due to COVID restrictions. Meanwhile, the Royal Melbourne Show was cancelled for the second year in a row.¬†However, while those events can simply run again next year, the Melbourne Star will be closed forever. It was one of the largest observation wheels in the world, and its vibrant LED display lit up Melbourne’s skyline into a kaleidoscope of colour.

To read the statement from MB Star Properties, click here.

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