This Is How You Can Draw On The Steps Of Parliament House Without Getting Into Any Trouble

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This Is How You Can Draw On The Steps Of Parliament House Without Getting Into Any Trouble

Draw on the steps of Parliament House this Saturday!

Melburnians have been invited to form part of Kerrie Poliness‘ ongoing Generation Mesh art series by drawing on the steps of Parliament House. (Featured image: ACCA)

As part of the Uptown art exhibition taking over the top end of Bourke Street and in association with ACCA, Kerrie Poliness has devised a large-scale geometric drawing where Melburnians will participate by chalking within the lines to create a work of art that will contract and expand as it descends the stairs.

Taking place on Saturday 6 February, from 12 to 3pm, Melburnians will need to register to take part.

The steps of Parliament House were chosen for both their architectural design—if you haven’t seen someone take a photo there, have you ever been to the city?—and the civic status of the institution. Eventually, the artwork will either be washed away by rain or rubbed off by the hundreds of feet walking up and down the stairs.


Parliament Steps Walking Drawing intends to explore our relationship with the spaces we live in and is part of a series of public projects and other events in the lead-up to ACCA’s upcoming exhibition Who’s Afraid of Public Space? opening next summer (2021-2022). The associated research project poses questions related to public life, cultural practices and questions what public culture is and who it might be for?

Participation is free; however, you will need to register your interest to take part, which you can do here.

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