You Can Now Reserve Your Spot In This Adults-Only Saw-Inspired Escape Room · Rush Escape Rooms

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You Can Now Reserve Your Spot In This Adults-Only Saw-Inspired Escape Room · Rush Escape Rooms

Wake up in a dark and dirty bathroom, chained to a pipe with a bloody body between you and someone else.

Sound familiar? Good.

But now it’s you that gets to play the game.

Hacksaw, the Saw-inspired escape room game, brought to you by Rush Escape Game, opened its doors in Hawthorn and just like the movie, this one is not for the kiddies. (Featured image: rushescapegame)

Rated 18+, the room design will either thrill you or freak you out as the puzzles and riddles you need to solve will have you scouring the replica bathroom just like the protagonists in the original Saw movie. Be careful though, since there is a fully-functioning saw in the room too.

For the best experience, go along with three other friends because there are four starting points in the game where each individual has a personal mystery they need to solve in order to find their own personal key to unlock salvation.


Another option is to play with your partner and put your relationship through a traumatic test. Will the two of you make it out alive, will one of you watch the other die, or will both of you lose the game to Jigsaw and prove he was right about you all along? Pathetic.

Though not the most difficult escape room in the Rush Escape Room offering, Hacksaw is definitely one of the more chilling and will give players plenty to freak out over if they’re at all a bit squirmy. The room also carries a health warning so it’s advised that people with a pacemaker get in touch with Rush before going.

For now, Hacksaw is one of only two escape rooms available at the Rush’s Hawthorn venue. The other is inspired by The Stranger Things series. More are planned to be opening soon. Games available at their South Yarra venue have been inspired by Batman, Jumanji, The Matrix, and James Bond, and the tale of Arthur and the sword in the stone.

Rush Escape Rooms reopen on November 23, but are already taking bookings for both their Hawthorn and South Yarra locations.

Rather hurl paint and smash screens than save yourself from Jigsaw?

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