Just 21 Awesome Photos Around Victoria That Will Make You Keen For The Snow

Nicole de Souza Nicole de Souza - Staff Writer

Just 21 Awesome Photos Around Victoria That Will Make You Keen For The Snow

Snow season is looking good.

Thanks to easing of restrictions, you can now head out to regional Victoria and enjoy the snow at any of Victoria’s wonderful alpine resorts. You just need to provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours of your visit. The alpine resorts have done it tough due to lockdowns, both last year and this year, so we thought we’d round up some fantastic photos from around Victoria to get you out there on the snow fields again. Put on some warm clothes and get ready for frosty fun!

1. Are you ready to hit the road? – Falls Creek

Don’t forget your snowchains!

2. Expect beautiful mornings like this one – Mt Hotham

Crystal clear skies and perfect snow.

3. The snow may have built up while you were gone – Mt Buller

Maybe some visitors will take those levels down a bit!

4. Hit the slopes – Falls Creek

It’ll get your heart pumping.

5. Go skiing too – Mt Buller

So much fun!

6. Go for a stroll – Mt Stirling

Feel one with the forest.

7. Fun for the whole family – Lake Mountain

Build a snowman, go tobogganing and have fun with the little ones.

8. Dogs are welcome – Dinner Plain

Frolic in the snow with your furry friend.

9. Who could say no to that face? – Mt Baw Baw

They have dingoes ready to say hello!

10. How about a sled dog tour?

You’ll have a barking good time.

11. Check out this winter wonderland – Falls Creek


What a great view!

12. More spectacular views – Mt Buller

Absolutely pristine.

13. The Horn doesn’t disappoint – Mt Buffalo

The clouds make it look so mysterious.

14. Enjoy the best of nature – Mt Stirling

Simply mesmerising.

15. Adventure is waiting – Falls Creek

Where this road take you?

16. Need a lift? – Mt Hotham

It’ll be fun!

17. Enjoy the sunset – Mt Baw Baw

Think about the great day you had.

18. Try something different – Mt Hotham

Spend the night in an igloo or snowdome.

19. Or stay in the village – Mt Hotham

Those twinkling lights are just magical.

20. End the night with a drink – Dinner Plain

It’ll warm you up.

21. Anything is possible – Mt Buller

After all, we’re finally free!

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