From Aaliyah To Smirnoff Ice, This 90s RnB Bottomless Brunch Has All The Classics · The Boatbuilders Yard

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From Aaliyah To Smirnoff Ice, This 90s RnB Bottomless Brunch Has All The Classics · The Boatbuilders Yard

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, chase Blue Lagoons instead.

Nineties RnB never dies. There’s just something about the beats and the melodies that make the baby-making bangers and club-shaking classics of that era timeless. They connected with us at the time and they resonate now.

But if you’re really keen on a blast from the past, then those 90s hits—Creep, Mary Jane, One in a Million, Brown Sugar—need to be paired with the classic drinks of the time. Think Smirnoff Ice and Passion Pops. Or when it comes to the cocktails at the club, Midori Illusions, Blue Lagoons and Woo Woos.

Well, all of this and more can be yours at The Boatbuilders Yard because it’s bringing back one of our favourite eras (all-time favourite?) with a 90s RnB Mixtape Bottomless Brunch. Fortunately, this trip down memory lane is happening twice every Saturday at 12pm and 2:30pm.


DJ Joey Lightbulb (and special guests) will be on the ones and two spinning all the hits from the era and bringing back the memories while the crew at The Boatbuilders Yard will be serving up 90s classic feeds as well. Party foods include potato skins, tacos and sloppy joes and drinks, well, you’ll be greeted and walking into the South Wharf bar with a Passion Pop or Smirnoff Ice on arrival before moving onto free-flowing rounds of 90s cocktails.

Happening every Saturday from May 29, the two-hour trip back in time costs $65 per person. Booking ahead will be essential. 

And for the following few Fridays, The Boatbuilders Yard have gotten caught up in the FOMO Friday initiative and is doing a two-for-one offer on Prosecco, Champagne and Moscato. All you need to do is head down between 4-9pm to get your weekend started early.

Did you know: You Can Get Boozy Hot Milos Or Bottomless Pizzas With Free-Flowing Spritz Behind Fed Square

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