A Vintage Clothing Boutique Is Coming To The Iconic Block Arcade

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A Vintage Clothing Boutique Is Coming To The Iconic Block Arcade

Enter the Vault.

Vintage fashion lovers, this one’s for you. Vault, a vintage boutique, is coming to Melbourne’s historic Block Arcade. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of items waiting to be discovered. This fashion store will open in the Block Arcade on Friday November 5.

Find Vault inside the Block Arcade

Vault was designed to complement the Block Arcade’s history. Back in the nineteenth century, the Block Arcade was the place to be seen, and was considered an essential destination for fashion lovers. Of course, while history is important, this store will also look to the future. It will try to capture a new demographic of shoppers with its sophisticated contemporary design.

Inside this boutique store, you’ll find a curated and evolving collection of clothing, shoes, hats, jewellery, accessories and collectables from a range of brands and labels. You’ll discover international designers, like Yves Saint Laurent, as well as Australian labels like Zanko and Le Louvre.

Within the Vault, there will also be a showcase of couture, designer clothing and fashion accessories collected by the National Trust. This showcase will evolve in line with Melbourne’s seasons and events.


Vault will encompass two shopfronts on the Elizabeth Street promenade. It had to be restored and built, taking four months from design to completion. The fit out of the shop was a collaboration between the design team from The Rose Street Artists’ Market¬†and the National Trust.

Proceeds from the shop will go towards supporting the National Trust. This will help protect Victoria’s natural, cultural and built heritage, as well as create awareness about the work the Trust does within the community.

To learn more about Vault, click here.

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