17 Photos Of Melbourne Looking Awesome In Autumn And Where To See It For Yourself

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17 Photos Of Melbourne Looking Awesome In Autumn And Where To See It For Yourself

Here are the most Instagrammable places in Melbourne this autumn.

Melbourne is glorious under blue summer skies, but as the leaves turn red, orange and gold in autumn, we can admire the city in a new light and take in all its crisp and crunchy glory. Here are some of the best spots around town to get that perfect orangey-yellow shot. And then some further afield as well. (Featured image: Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash)

1. Take a stroll through Carlton Gardens

2. Or, head south of the CBD to Kings Domain

3. And then walk into the Royal Botanical Gardens

4. Actually, most (all?) Melbourne gardens are stunning

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5. And they’ll only get better

6. So, why not go for a stroll?

7. Or better yet, get out of the city

Find Gardens of Tieve Tara at 751 Mount Macedon Road, Mount Macedon

8. Because Victoria is the Garden State

Find Forest Glade Gardens at 816 Mount Macedon Road and check out the Autumnal Festival kicking off on 27 March.

9. In every direction there’s red, orange and gold

Find the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens at The Georgian Road, Olinda


10. With art mirroring nature

Find Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden at 1A Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke

11. All the way down the peninsula

Find Seawinds Gardens at Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat

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12. And back up to Victoria’s High Country

13. Where autumn finds you

14. Don’t forget about Daylesford, either

Find Wombat Botanical Gardens at Central Springs Road, Daylesford

15. Or, the Valley of Liquid Embers in Heathcote

Find the Valley of Liquid Embers at Range Drive, Heathcote

16. Or, Walhalla in Gippsland

17. Because autumn in Melbourne and Victoria is truly splendid

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