11 Unforgettable Escape Rooms To Try In Melbourne

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11 Unforgettable Escape Rooms To Try In Melbourne

Melbourne, we’ve collectively worked together and escaped many lockdowns in the past couple of years. And now that you can head outside and catch up with friends, why don’t you challenge yourselves and see if you can escape something entirely different? Melbourne is bursting with challenging and thrilling escape rooms that will keep you on your toes. Enter dreamy new worlds or be terrified by horrific scenarios. Whatever you choose, there are so many creative games out there with varying levels of difficulty. Here are some of the best escape rooms around Melbourne.

1. Rush Escape Rooms

Feel a thrilling adrenaline rush at both their Hawthorn and South Yarra locations. Will you play a game in their Saw-inspired escape room? Enter the blue door or the red door in their Matrix-inspired challenge? Go on a jungle adventure in Cluemanji? There are currently nine different escape rooms to choose from so you’ll never get bored.

Begin your Rush adventure here. 

2. Ukiyo Melbourne

Head to Brunswick and immerse yourself in two of Ukiyo’s narrative-based escape rooms. In The Crumbling Prince, you’ll leave the real world behind and step into a Japanese-style garden. Solve puzzles and uncover the dark secret of the garden. This experience is perfect for fans of Legend of Zelda or Studio Ghibli.

Meanwhile, their other experience, Deep Space, will launch you into a thrilling survival experience. The fate of humanity lies in your hands and this story features multiple endings. Deep Space contains dynamic characters that will be affected by your decisions. Tread carefully, or you might live to regret your choices.

Take the first step into Ukiyo’s new world here.

3. Escape Room Melbourne

Visit Australia’s first ever escape room in Flemington or head over to South Melbourne to try three other exciting games. These rooms were created by two designers with PhDs in psychology, so expect to be challenged! Each room takes six to 12 months to design and build, so expect some brilliant puzzles for you and your friends to sink your teeth into.

Start your Escape Room adventure here.

4. The Mystery Rooms

The Mystery Rooms are split into two locations. The games in Fitzroy are for larger teams of four to ten players. Meanwhile, the newer location in Collingwood fits smaller teams of two to four. Try escape rooms inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, and their newest addition The Grimm Finale. Enter an enchanted forest and discover a possible gateway into the Snow Queen’s frozen kingdom.

What mysteries will you uncover?

5. LOST in Melbourne

Horror fans, this one is for you. Each room is a carefully crafted nightmare, with terrifying special effects and immersive surroundings. End the evil curse of the blood-stained Annabelle doll, feel haunted by the ghost of an actress inside a film studio or survive a zombie apocalypse. Each room has a compelling story and a different level of scariness, so you can choose the room that fits your tastes best.

Face your fears on Flinders Lane.

6. Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms

Get Trapt on Lonsdale Street and try their different escape rooms. There are currently six different experiences to choose from, and they all take 50 minutes to complete. The rooms range from easy to challenging, and feature rooms inspired by The Wizard of Oz, travelling circuses, gold mines and more. When you’ve escaped the game, head over to the bar and reward yourself with a cocktail inspired by the experience.

Browse through the games here.

7. Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt has imaginative escape rooms all over the world. In Melbourne, there are currently four original games to choose from. Beat the cryptic Zodiac Thief at his own game, solve the disappearances of museum curators, track down a spy or work as an undercover detective in the 1920s. The pressure is on and the clock is ticking. Can you solve the puzzles before it’s too late?


Find Escape Hunt on Queen Street in Melbourne CBD.

8. Woodbury Escape Rooms

Both escape room fans and video gamers put their heads together to create Woodbury Escape Rooms. There are four imaginative rooms to choose from, ranging in difficulty and fear levels. The most terrifying and unique game is Leaper. A “leaper” is an investigator who “leaps” into the minds of criminals. Enter the mind of a convicted killer and find out where his final victim is before it’s too late. You have 60 minutes to solve the case.

Other games include an adventure into the wild frontier, a mysterious island tale and a journey as an abandoned childhood toy.

Find Woodbury Escape Rooms in South Melbourne.

9. Escape Or Die

Escape Or Die presents The Haunted House of Horror, a cinematic escape room experience. Gather a team of two to six, solve puzzles and find pieces of the story in the form of videos, photos and sound recordings. You’ll feel as though you’re the main character in a horror film, as you progress through this immersive narrative experience. There’s no need to rush, so take as long as you need to absorb the clues around you. The final challenge will test you and your team to the core. Will you escape… or die?

Find Escape Or Die in Brunswick East. 

10. Adventure Rooms

At Adventure Rooms, you’ll need to think outside the box. Try their original game, The Mad Scientist, which was designed in Switzerland and enjoyed in over 20 locations around the world. Enter the house of a mad man, finish his wild experiments and get inside his crazy head. Or, play The Black Queen and get trapped inside a castle. Find the key to escape before the queen finds you. Otherwise, think like a criminal and outsmart the warden in Gaol Break.

Start your adventure on Little Collins Street.

11. Extreme Escape

Both beginners and experts are welcome at Extreme Escape. Warm up your brain by trying the first Hot Seat escape room in Australia. The Hot Seat is a one person escape room. Solve two puzzles within two minutes for the chance to win a prize.

After that, choose from three escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty. Will you take a trip to the heart of London, explore a peculiar circus or be spellbound inside a mystical bedroom?

Plan your escape in St Kilda.

After challenging yourself at these escape rooms around Melbourne, stay home and try these online escape room experiences.

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