This June You Can Yum Cha Italian Food In Richmond And That’s All We Need To Know

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This June You Can Yum Cha Italian Food In Richmond And That’s All We Need To Know

Italian food with chopsticks.

Two of the world’s most instantly recognisable cuisines are Italian and Chinese food. And although they share certain similarites—here’s looking you at flour, salt, eggs, water, oil—would you recognise Italian food if it were served as Yum Cha?

Of course you would despite the bite-sized portions probably throwing you off for a minute.

But if you’re not too sure what Italian food as Yum Cha would actually look like, then all you need to do is book your seat at The Grand Richmond because they’re serving up pizzas, tortellini, croquettes, bomboloni and more in tiny bites every weekend in June.

While we’re big fans of a big bowl of pasta, sometimes we regret not being able to try as many different flavours and ingredients seen on the menu or on the plate of our mate sitting beside us, which is why we’re so excited by Italian Yum Cha.

We’re talking about snack-sized portions of house-smoked duck Proscuitto and swordfish Crudo; beef ragu lasagna, gnocchi served with lamb and crab risotto; char-grilled prawn, porcini suppli and suckling pig croquettes. There’s even Yum Cha Italian desserts on the menu and all dishes are priced accordingly, then tallied up at the end of your meal.


For Good Food Month this June, the acclaimed chefs at The Grand Richmond will be preparing Italian Yum Cha every Saturday and Sunday. There are three sittings per day but you’re going to need to be quick because reservations are already filling up fast.

If you miss out though, it’s good to know that Italian Yum Cha will be on at The Grand Richmond once a month—on July 4, August 1, September 12 and October 3—thereafter.

Book your Italian Yum Cha experience here.

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