You Can Now Get Tickets To This Immersive And Interactive Murder Mystery At This Melbourne Mansion

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front view of labassa mansion in melbourne

Labassa is a Victorian-era mansion in Caulfield North complete with opulent architectural features like gilt embossed wallpapers, stained glass windows and rare trompe l’oeil ceiling. It has survived name changes, transformations and more than 100 residents in its 150-plus-year history. And soon, it will be home to Melbourne’s newest interactive and immersive Murder Mystery experience where players will get to roam its rooms and search for clues.

Don’t miss out—get your tickets now and be one of the first to dive into the mysterious murder of the wealthy widow at Labassa Mansion. main room at labassa mansion with huge windows and giant rug

Built in the mid-1800s, Labassa Mansion has seen wealthy families, prominent socialites, world war heroes, refugess and artists, like the Australian-born star of Hollywood’s silent era Louise Lovely, call the 35-room residence home. stairway and hallway of labassa mansion

Since falling into decay, the interiors of the main rooms have been restored to their former glory and now Labassa is one of the few surviving nineteenth-century mansions and the most lavish. It is the perfect setting for the immersive and interactive murder mystery experience coming to Melbournestairway and stained glass windows of labassa mansion

What do we know so far…

The body was found after the wealthy widow, known not as a recluse but rather a prominent member of society, did not turn up to her regular appointments. Autopsy reports showed that she was poisoned and that her body had not been moved since the time of death. However, nobody who was not welcome was seen entering or leaving the premises, which leaves a number of suspects to interrogategrand room at labassa mansion

Was it her young lover? Her private chef? Or, her son’s wife? These, though, are just some of the people that had access to the mansion and as part of a crack investigation team, you have been assigned to the case to come up with answers that others so far have not been able to find.sitting room at labassa mansion

Over the course of two hours, you and your team will search multiple rooms, find clues, interrogate suspects and solve the mystery because even the ugliest secrets can’t be hidden forever.

Do you have what it takes to put two and two together or will the true assassin/s of Labassa Mansion’s wealthy widow escape justice?

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