You Can Still Stay Dry In The Middle Of A Storm In Jackalope Pavilion’s ‘Rain Room’

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You Can Still Stay Dry In The Middle Of A Storm In Jackalope Pavilion’s ‘Rain Room’

Control the weather like a god at Rain Room.

Back in 2019, Rain Room attracted 90,000 people to experience the melding of art, technology and nature that is Random International’s interactive installation at Jackalope Pavillion. Worldwide, in cities like New York, London and Shanghai, Rain Room has had 500,000 people wander through its doors to control the falling water droplets with their presence and movement. (Featured image: @greyfaerie4)

Now in its second Melbourne run, Rain Room continues to draw people to experience the torrential rain-like feeling. The experience is fully immersive and engages all of your senses; however, at the same time, you are protected from getting wet thanks to the motion sensors used to detect your whereabouts—that is, unless you start moving too fast and catch up to the droplets in front of you.

Rain Room is a significant piece of work as it holds up a mirror to how we interact with nature in an increasingly technological world. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the space in solitude despite being in small groups, and allow themselves to be enveloped by the soothing rain feeling.

Located in the purpose-built pavilion on the corner of Fitzroy and Acland Streets in St Kilda, the Rain Room experience lasts for fifteen minutes and can be booked individually ($29) or booked out entirely for groups ($299, via private@rainroom.com.au) so you and your crew can control the weather like gods. Wear flat shoes, though, because otherwise you might end up on the floor, or worse, given another pair of shoes to wear.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Rain Room will conclude its second Melbourne season on 18 April.

To book online, click here.

For more info, see here.

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