A Live Music Venue Inspired By The Simpsons Is Coming To Thornbury

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A Live Music Venue Inspired By The Simpsons Is Coming To Thornbury

We could all use a little more Simpsons in our lives. Thankfully, Melbourne musicians Christopher Windley and Mathias Northway are on the case. Together, they’re opening a new live music venue on High Street in Thornbury, and it’s inspired by the Simpsons. The former Swamplands Bar will be reborn as “Shotkickers”, named after the bar Marge visits with Ruth Powers. Shotkickers will open in January.

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So, why the Simpsons? And why Shotkickers?

“Shotkickers is a band venue Marge visits where the men are super rowdy yet super gentlemanly, and it seemed like a great mantra,” said Windley. “I also love Simpsons shitposting so hopefully I can claim to own the biggest Simpsons meme in town.”

In case you needed reminding, here’s one of the men that Marge meets in the episode.


The 200 cap venue has had a major revamp, including a larger stage, new band room, booth seating and a kitchen menu from Thornbury favourite Get Out Of Here Burger.

It’s no secret that the past couple of years were a turbulent time for the live music industry. So, for Windley and Northway, who are both Thornbury locals, looking after bands in this new venue was extremely important. Every decision was made with the artist’s experience in mind.


“It’s a venue build by musicians, for musicians,” said Windley. “The bar was welded by a muso. The stage was built by musos. The roof got painted by musos. Everyone is so excited to bring something fresh to the scene.”

“Bands have had a rough trot of late and many incredible musicians live a stone’s throw away,” said Northway. “We love the idea that bands could literally walk to the venue, backline is provided, booze is flowing and the sound system is top notch.”

This music venue will open at 744 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071.

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