Be Dazzled By Roaming Performers When Circus Oz Takes Over The City This January

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Be Dazzled By Roaming Performers When Circus Oz Takes Over The City This January

You’ve never seen Melbourne like this before. Rediscover Melbourne’s eclectic laneways, malls, shopfronts and balconies when Circus Oz takes over the city. You’ll be amazed as performers and acrobats weave their way through the streets in this creative love letter to Melbourne. This roving outdoor experience will run from January 14 to 29.

Circus Oz

In their new performance, Everything But The Circus, twenty circus characters and musicians will take you on a journey to different locations around the city. This will culminate in a “mind-blowing” finale.

Audience members will meet at six secret locations. After that, they’ll move through the streets and discover flash mobs, acrobatics, live music and aerial and tight-wire performances.

“We’re not telling people where we are going, but we will we guide them through a rediscovery of their city. This is a show without barriers, a performance without fear and an experience not to be missed,” said Brian Robertson, Executive Producer of Circus Oz.


Lord Mayor Sally Capp says that the city will be the perfect backdrop for the performance, and promises that it will be an experience like no other.

“There’s so much to experience in Melbourne,” she said, “and Everything But The Circus will give us the chance to see the CBD through a truly magical lens.”

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday December 8.

The spectacular season will run from January 14 to 29, and start at 7:30pm.

Learn more about the show here.
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